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Sam BellComment

Hello and welcome to Tea at Henry’s, our boutique online tea store. 
For us at Tea at Henry’s, tea is all about memories. 
Evoking, creating and sharing memories.

My earliest memory of drinking tea is as a child. I was probably around 6 years old. We would visit my grandparents in the evening on a weekend and strong black tea was served to everyone from a big teapot (tea cosy and all), sometimes in mugs and sometimes in mismatched teacups. I remember lots of sugar and milk and Saos with grated cheese and tomato. 

I also remember as a kid drinking the tea dregs from the flask of tea that my dear late Dad would take to work with him. What was left at the end of the day was dark, over brewed and very sweet … but I loved it. As a pre-teenager I must have made hundreds of cups of tea for my Dad while he was building the backyard shed. It drove me nuts then…  but how I would love to be able to make him some of our Tea at Henry’s tea today. There is so much that I would share with him.


Tea was also a big part of my daily routine when I was studying at Uni. If it wasn’t for the shared pot (that is all we could afford) of a dark smoky brew at the Uni café with a lovely friend, I don’t think I would have got through half as much as what I did.


For my Mum and I, tea is very special. It is always the first thing we do when we see each other. When my beautiful Mumma walks in the door, my first question is ‘would you like a cup of tea’? We’ve cried, we’ve laughed and we’ve celebrated over tea. But for me it is not just the habit of drinking tea that is special. It is the sense of ritual and calm and relaxation that comes with its preparation. Choosing the tea for the moment, finding the right pot, measuring the tea, heating the water to the right temperature… often chatting along the way. Brewing the tea for the right amount of time, choosing the right cup to serve from.  All of these things are such an important part of the process. And now we really enjoy the fun stuff, like making beautiful high tea’s, where the invites are highly sought after, for our lovely family and friends. Making iced teas, matching teas to delicious sweet and savoury treats, playing host and enjoying the pleasure that comes from the experience that each of our guests have at our high tea.


Fortunately for me, becoming a Mumma to the sweetest boy that there will ever be has given me the space to explore ways to give life to my passion for tea. It has allowed me to really get started on my tea journey….. to become a Certified Tea Master and a Certified Tea Blender with the Australian Tea Masters Association.  It has also given me the opportunity to find ways to allow others to experience the beauty and serenity that comes from tea. To allow others to recollect and evoke memories and to create and share memories with family and friends. Most significantly, it has allowed me  the time and space to create our beautiful boutique tea store, Tea at Henry’s.  I'd love you to join me on our tea and memory journey at Tea at Henry's - to reconnect with old memories and create beautiful new ones, in your own life and the lives of those you love.


In our tea store you will find a beautiful collection of pure and blended high quality loose-leaf teas, tea gift boxes and tea wares curated just for you.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.