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So, how do you brew?

Lisa Westcott1 Comment

For us at Tea at Henry's we think brewing tea is a little bit of art and a little bit of science. Brewing well can be impacted by a number of factors including the tea making equipment you use, the amount of tea you use, the quality and temperature of the water that you use and the amount of time you allow the tea to steep for. 

As a general rule of thumb we recommend 1-heaped teaspoon of tea to 200-250mls of water. We know that sometimes this is not so easy as large leafed teas are quite difficult to measure. If you have scales you should aim for about 2g of tea to 1 cup of water.

All of our tea packages provide you with clear guidance on brewing times for each tea. Again, as a general rule of thumb we recommend 3-5 minutes for black teas and about 2 minutes for green and white teas. 

Remember too that leaves like space. Room to move and unfurl.... so make sure whatever you use to brew your tea allows plenty of room for the leaves to do their thing. 

Is water really that important? Yes, we think so. When you think about it there is not a whole lot of room to hide with tea. It is leaves and water. Leaving aside how you brew, a good cup of tea can be as simple as having good quality leaves and good quality water heated to the right temperature. We recommend always using fresh water that hasn't already been heated. It is also really important to remember that boiling water can burn delicate tea leaves. Different teas can withstand different water temperatures. As a guide we recommend the following temperatures but always be sure to check the brewing temperature on our tea package for your specific tea. 

Green tea: 80C

White tea: 85C

Oolong: 90C

Black tea: 95C-100C

If you don't have a temperature regulated kettle you can bring your water to the boil and leave your kettle with the lid open for a few minutes to bring the temperature down to suit the tea you are brewing. 

Download your copy of our handy brewing guide here.