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Calling All Earl Grey Lovers....

Lisa WestcottComment

At Tea at Henry’s we have a little secret. If you hadn't already noticed, we are a little obsessed with Earl Grey tea. For as long as I can remember Earl Grey has been my favourite tea. It is always what I order in a café and it is often the first tea I look at when I am buying in a shop or online.  I’ve tried so many different Earl Greys … Earl Grey is traditionally a black tea base blended with Bergamot oil which is extracted from the rind of the Bergamot orange which grows in Italy. More recently tea blenders have added orange and lemon peel and even flowers to blends. It is probably not all that easy to find an Earl Grey that is widely appealing… For me it is about a perfect balance of a good strong black tea base coupled with just the right amount of Bergamot. Our current Earl Grey range consists of four tea blends: Earl Grey Deluxe (a beautiful Earl Grey base complemented with orange and lemon peel and accentuated with blue cornflowers); French Earl Grey (a gorgeous Earl Grey with pink rose, hibiscus, blue mallow flower and calendula); our very popular Vanilla Earl Grey (a smooth and creamy vanilla earl grey that tastes amazing; and a new addition, Earl Grey Blossom. We've also got our award winning White Earl (a delicate blend of white tea with hints of Bergamot, vanilla and pink rose) in the queue to add to our range. 

Are you an Earl Grey lover too? We have put together a Tea Tasting Flight Sampler pack that contains three of our Earl Greys: Earl Grey Deluxe, French Earl Grey and Vanilla Earl Grey. Available now in our tea store. 

Let us know on Facebook or Instagram if you are an Earl Grey lover too? and be sure to tag us in any photos you load up.

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