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Calling All Earl Grey Lovers....

Lisa WestcottComment

At Tea at Henry’s we have a little secret. If you hadn't already noticed, we are a little obsessed with Earl Grey tea. For as long as I can remember Earl Grey has been my favourite tea. It is always what I order in a café and it is often the first tea I look at when I am buying in a shop or online.  I’ve tried so many different Earl Greys …

Are you a High Tea Lover?

Lisa WestcottComment

At Tea at Henry’s we love, love, love planning for and hosting High Teas. We find High Teas are a beautiful way to celebrate a special occasion, a birthday, a baby shower or ‘just because’. High Teas also allow you to get creative, making iced tea brews, matching teas to delicious sweet and savoury treats and playing host. We love seeing the pleasure that comes from the experience that each of our guests have at our High Teas.

So, how do you brew?

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For us at Tea at Henry's we think brewing tea is a little bit of art and a little bit of science. Brewing well can be impacted by a number of factors including the tea making equipment you use, the amount of tea you use, the quality and temperature of the water that you use and the amount of time you allow the tea to steep for. 

Welcome to Tea at Henry's

Sam BellComment

My earliest memory of drinking tea is as a child. I was probably around 6 years old. We would visit my grandparents in the evening on a weekend and strong black tea was served to everyone from a big teapot (tea cosy and all), sometimes in mugs and sometimes in mismatched teacups. I remember lots of sugar and milk and Saos with grated cheese and tomato.